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Hey There, Lioness

Project Lioness is the feminine hygiene program built by women, for women. Project Lioness provides critical feminine hygiene products to homeless women.

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A hygiene program with homeless women in mind

Street Team Movement's founder, Briana Daniel lived outside homeless and discovered that hygiene was something that was not being addressed in a meaningful way. As a woman, she quickly realized that in addition to that, her hygienic needs increased during her monthly cycle. 

Project Lioness provides feminine hygiene kits which are equipped to sustain a homeless woman through five (5) days of her mensural cycle. The kits are made accessible at no cost to homeless women through Street Team Movement's hygiene vending machines. Each kit includes sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners and feminine wipes. Homeless women with a heavier flow are able to vend more than one feminine hygiene kit from the machine. 

Additionally, we understand that homeless women are often vulnerable and have difficult choices to make when out on the streets. Because of this, each Feminine Hygiene Kit includes literature about human sex and labor trafficking. The literature was written in partnership and with input from human trafficking survivors. 

Coming 2023: In-person Project Lioness Events!


She's just like you. She has so much on her plate. Help her worry about one less thing. 

How Can You Help? 

Street Team Movement Inc. has multiple ways to get involved with Project Lioness and benefit homeless women in your community!

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Spread Awareness 

Do you have or know a business with a walk-in location and generous clientele? Hosting a Project Lioness Awareness Sign may be an option for you! These gorgeous signs let your clients learn more about Street Team Movement Inc. and the Project Lioness hygiene program for women. They will even have the opportunity to buy feminine hygiene kits by scanning a QR code on the sign. 

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Buy Feminine Hygiene Kits

Each Feminine Hygiene Kit includes enough sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners, and feminine wipes to take a homeless woman through five (5) days of her cycle. Each kit costs $1.50 and will be made available to homeless women through our Hygiene Vending Machines

Host a Pride

If you have access to a building, hosting a Project Lioness event could be an option for the homeless women in your community. More information about how to host a Project Lioness Pride in your area is coming soon! 

Download the Project Lioness Information Guide

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Take Action for Homeless Women

How can we help?
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