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Our immediate goal is to expand into 50 cities outside of the state of Florida. Ready to help us scale?

An issue as critical as the lack of proper hygiene items requires an innovative response. Introducing the Hygiene Vending Machine. 

"I used to feel so embarrassed about my hygiene because I couldn't access basic products. But now that I have access to the vending machines, I feel much better about myself. Thank you for giving me back my dignity."

Hygiene Vending Form

Hygiene Vending Machines for the Homeless


Bridging the gap between hygiene and homelessness

Our mission is to empower the unhoused by providing them with access to essential hygiene items. We believe that everyone deserves access to basic hygiene, and our Hygiene Vending Machines are designed to make that possible.

Hygiene is a critical issue for the homeless population. Lack of access to basic hygiene items can lead to a host of health problems, ranging from skin infections to respiratory illnesses. In fact, according to the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council, homeless individuals are 3 to 6 times more likely to experience serious health problems than the general population.

"The hygiene vending machine program is such a great idea. It's hard enough to be homeless, but not having access to basic hygiene items just makes things worse. Thank you for providing this service to us."

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"I used to feel so isolated and ashamed because I couldn't access basic hygiene items. But now that I have access to the vending machines, I feel much better about myself. Thank you for restoring my confidence."

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Download the Hygiene Vending Machine Information Guide

Making hygiene a priority for everyone

  • What is a Hygiene Vending Machine??
    Street Team Movement Inc. purchased used vending machines, stocked them with hygiene items, and equipped them only to be accessed by the homeless community through access cards.
  • What happens if someone tries to empty the machine with ther access card?
    Our homeless friends get 3 swipes (transactions) per week per person. The number of swipes is automatically loaded to each card Sunday evening. Extra swipes if they have dependents (children/pets). Additional swipes are issued on the card holder’s birthday.
  • How can I get a Hygiene Vending Machine in my city?
    We WANT you to do this in your community! We only ask that you sync your payment processing system under our account, which means all of the Hope Cards in the nation are instantly synced. The same Hope Card (regardless of how it's branded) can be used at ANY Hygiene Vending Machine location! Download the Hygiene Vending Machine Information Guide.
  • If my organization gets a Vending Machine, would we have to use Street Team branded Hope Cards?"
    Absolutely not! We encourage each organization that launches its own Hygiene Vending Machine to have its own Hope Card design that is branded for their organization. Street Team Movement Inc. understands that you have taken the time to build relationships with those that you serve; that’s why you can brand your Hygiene Vending Machine, and Hope Cards how you want to.
  • How are the machines restocked?
    The hygiene pouches are used to keep the machine stocked. Any nonprofit can purchase hygiene pouches through Street Team Movement Inc. by sending a message to Loose hygiene donations are rotated in the machine to fill in the remainder of the Hygiene Vending Machine. Street Team Movement Inc. volunteers refill machines as they are needed.
  • Who services the machines? What happens is my machine breaks?
    On the inside of each Street Team Movement Hygiene Vending Machine, there is a sign with a service number, email, website, and social media details in case someone experiences issues

10 locations and counting! 

Together, we can make basic hygiene a reality for all.

"I was so grateful when I found out about the hygiene vending machines. It's hard enough to be homeless, but not having access to basic hygiene products makes it even harder. This program has helped me stay clean and healthy."

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